Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, yesterday morning started out as usual, I got up at 5:45am, yes mom, I really did it. I went downstairs and did pilates. Did you know that if you do enough thigh teasers that your leg literally lights on fire? Yup, its a fact. So, continuing on to breakfast. We had a nice meal of leftovers! Best days ever! Whitney and I continue to go back for seconds, only because we tend to enjoy our food more than some. But have no worries, we always get some little bit of food for someone else at the table also.

After Breakfast we had "Terrifying Speech Class!" We had been working on our speeches all week. The Topic was, "How God led you to Advanced Excel." It had to be 5-10 minutes long. They started the speeches in Alphabetical order by middle name, therefore, I went first! Actually I was happy about that after I got up there. Since I went first, that meant that I did not have to sit there and be nervous the whole time!

All the speeches were spectacular! I loved each ones individuality and story. Even though many were similar situations, they were all really different and unique! I thought it was neat how alot of them had alot to do with not having enough money and God totally provided every single penny. God truly blesses those that trust in him, and it was so relevent in all the speeches.

We also had a really awesome session with Mr Cantrell. He taught us two really interesting sessions that everyone engoyed alot. He just publish a book called "From the Shop Floor to the Top Floor" purchase one at your local bookstore today!

I would like to tell you also what I have learned today already. We had a class with Grace Gallager on "Life Vision Planning" this subject didn't really thrill or interest me until today. She talked about fear. This has never been a big subject for me, I have never feared death, or anything in extent that much until she asked a question to all of us that hit me really hard, She asked us, "What is your greatest fear?" I had never really thought I had any. But God put a few things ony my heart that just really made me start thinking. My fear was kind of a different kind, not really for me. It was for someone I am really close to that is lost.

During my date with God, I was really struggling with this, and trying to give it to God. I realized that I had never given this person up to God, I would just pray for them, and then try to figure out a way that I could help, in case God decided not to. Ha! that wasn't very clever of me. I decided right then to fully hand over my problem to him. What a relief ! I didn't have to worry about it anymore! Realizing God will handle every problem I have is an incredible feeling. I don't have to fear anything, as long as I have him to hold on to. So, thats a short part of what I have learned so far at Advanced Excel, and this is only the second week! I can't wait to see what God is going to do in my heart, and all the other girls hearts these next four weeks.

~Rebekah Grace

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you!


Sara said...

Whitney!! I love eating with Whitney too... like Chex Mix... and ranch pretzels...

Rebekah said...

its very fun..:)she's the greatest..