Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saturday, February 8, 2010 was an exciting day! The day started out with us being able to sleep in…we were all so happy. As we came out of our rooms the delicious aroma of cinnamon rolls greeted us, causing great joy. Coffee and cinnamon roll…what a great way to start out the day.

After our wonderful brunch we had a session with Grace on food. She talked to us about what basic ingredients we should have in the kitchen. She went to the library and got like 20 cookbooks, which were fun to look at.

We then got to go and cook dinner for the EXCEL girls. We went into the kitchen at 2:00 and started cooking! We made Cajun pasta and garlic flatbread. Since it was Lauren Bell’s birthday, we made cappuccino mousse pie. We all got different jobs and went to work! Some cut up bell peppers, some garlic and onions (poor things), and still others cut up the meat, etc.

I got to make the pie with Stephanie! It was a lot of fun. We had to do the recipe 10 times. The pie took the longest to prepare because we had to make so much. We had chocolate and whipped cream all over our area. I think we made the biggest mess.

When most of the chopping was done, several of the girls went and decorated the food line. They decorated it 50s style. So we had black and white checkered table cloth on the serving line and cute pictures of the wall. It looked really cute. They did a great job.

We finished the day by going outside and play ultimate Frisbee. It was so much fun! It was cold outside, but that didn’t stop the fun. I learned how to play Frisbee here at the DMC and I have loved it ever since.

Saturday was a full, but fun day. I think that we all had a great time together.

Carissa Koehn

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