Friday, February 5, 2010

Hello to all in the blogger world!

Although my third day of Advanced Excel is coming to a close, the excitement and anticipation for what God is going to do through this class continues to increase. I’m so glad the gloom and rain from outside this building wasn’t a part of our day today inside the Dallas Ministry Center. I think our laughter last night must have spilled over to brighten this day that God has given us…

One of our assignments this week in speech class was to give 3-5 minute speeches to both our roommates. Well, the speech adventure for room 308 began. I was the first to release my nervousness. Both my roommates discussed a topic to give me. I was given 30 seconds to gather any thoughts, then our impromptu experience begun. After the intense 15 minutes, our laughter quickly banished any nervousness we might have had earlier that evening. I’m thankful for encouraging roommates! Over these next few weeks, I’ll be excited to see how God will pry us out of our comfort zone for us to rely on Him during our public speaking assignments.

Sarah Feeny

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Anna Powers said...

i had that room during Excel!! I'm praying for you, Sarah!