Thursday, February 4, 2010

I have been here for less than 36 hours and the God I serve is already blowing my mind away. Arriving here I wasn’t all that nervous. Now I am beginning to wonder what I got myself into. I can tell already that I won’t be going home the same girl.

I am just starting to see what God is the same now and forever means. He did so many amazing things and how dare I put him in this box, limiting what he can do in my life. Well, I am just about super excited to be here and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me, both in Advanced EXCEL and in years to come.

It’s amazing being back at the DMC, reunited with friends. Weird enough, I am in the same room as I was in EXCEL and sleeping in the same bed. For all who know me, I had the pleasure of having baked oatmeal yesterday for breakfast and I still get really excited over food.

Although, it’s a little strange being a part of such a small group I am sure that God will work all that more intensely through us. Several people have commented on my Ice Age watch and I believe that was the most “business professional” watch I could buy at the Dollar Tree. Well, I already know there is more to come so tune in next time to find out what happens to the Advanced Excelables.

Graciela Tineo


Steve said...

wow your old room back, it was right next time mine!! How neat.
Ashley Lankhorst

Amanda Romero said...

hey graci!! i'm so glad to hear this'll continue to be in my prayers.. love u :-)

Anna Powers said...

sweet our old room! that means Sarah F. is your roomie, right?? I love you, Graciela!!!

Emily Zimmerman said...

So glad your enjoying AE. Praying for you. (Do you wave good-night to the people in Grace and my old room?)

Anonymous said...

I love you, my big girl. Can't wait to have you back and see first hand what the Lord is doing with you.