Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Advanced Excel 18

Ready or not here I come!! As I get ready to begin a new adventure I feel like a small child playing hide-and-seek in the dark. My anticipation builds as the numbers get higher... 97, 98... every muscle strains ready to take off 99... 100!! Ready or not Here I come!!! I shout as I take off running.

Have you ever felt like that? Full of nervous excitement. You have a mission and you know you are in the right place but there is still a measure of uncertainty. God has given you a goal but anything could lie between you and the finish line. This is how I feel about this fantastic class of leaders.

God has given them the goal of Advanced Excel and anything is possible in Him. I look forward to watching them mesh as a team, see their relationship with God strengthened, and their leadership skills sharpened. Their foundation is sure, and their future full of promise. They have a hope and a calling and I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do in and through them during these next few weeks and months.

During these next few weeks we hope to help the girls discover more of who their God is,who He made them to be, and how that translates into everyday life. We desire to share our life experiences with the girls giving practical examples of how God changes people from the inside out and equips them to follow His lead. Through out their time in Dallas they will also have guest speakers each week that will cover topics such as: Leadership and Influence, Basic study skills, being a godly woman in today's world, principles of business, Photography, and much more.

I would encourage you to join me in praying for each of us: leadership, students, and speakers. During the time here in Dallas, practicum at home, and hopefully for the rest of their life as they walk with God.

Living a Legacy,
Advanced Excel 18

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