Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, we have had quite a week so far. Last night the tornado warning sirens went off when we were all about to go to sleep, so we all (AE, Excel, staff, etc) traipsed down to the basement to await further instructions. Mr. Bell came down after a few minutes and told us that everything was okay and to go back to sleep. We had all just settled down and were almost asleep when the sirens went off yet again. Another trip to the basement, another declaration that everything was okay, and we went back to bed. We somehow managed to do this all with laughter and make jokes about the stories we can tell when we get home. This made it a rather late, exciting, and (thankfully) uneventful night. The AE girls had the option of not doing Pilates at 6 this morning. Several of us took advantage of this to get a few more minutes’ sleep.

Our sessions with Mr. Davis started at nine this morning. We were all very tired today from lack of sleep, but eager to hear the word of truth. Today we talked about covenants. How they were instigated, what happened in the ceremony, and why a blood sacrifice was so important. We then talked about the New Covenant and how we are in a blood covenant with God, sealed with Christ’s blood. We have greatly enjoyed our time with him, and are looking forward to our sessions tomorrow, which include a question and answer time. Mr. Davis definitely challenges you to examine what you believe and be sure that you are basing everything on Scripture.

We also began the altering class with Amy Elam. We mainly discussed what alterations were needed for the garments that we brought. We’ll start the actual work tomorrow afternoon. At lunch and dinner the AE girls sat with the Excel girls, getting to know them and trying to encourage them. After all, we were Excel girls at one time too. We have learned how important it is to cultivate good relationships and that these friendships will last beyond the 8 weeks.

Our homework assignments are also staring us in the face, demanding our attention amidst everything else that is going on. We never seem to have quite enough study time to get everything done that we want to. Please pray for good use of our time and for mental blocks to be eliminated.

I am personally just beginning to see why God had me come here to Advanced Excel. I needed to know, really know, who God is and who I am in Him, before I could even think of doing any ministry opportunities. There is no way that I could counsel someone who was struggling with knowing God or even knowing themselves, if I had a false idea of it all myself. While I can’t say that I am confident in everything yet, I am beginning to understand far more. I am praying that God will reveal himself to me in new and glorious ways during AE.

Please continue to pray for us, as we pray for y'all too!

In Christ,

Anna McElmurray

For all the girls of Advanced Excel 17


Anonymous said...

Anna! So good to hear from you! I am praying for you that you will learn a lot! =) I am going to try to mail you soon! We have a debate tournament from Tuesday to Saturday but maybe I can send you a letter today. It was so nice to see you at the Ball! Much love and prayer,
Meg C.
Phil. 4:4-8

Anonymous said...

Anna, it sounds like you are learning mnay truths about the Lord and yourself. The Lord will help you with counseling through His word and the HS.
I have a room that needs to be redone if you have nothing to do when you come home.

Mrs, Janice
1Peter 5:6-7

Anonymous said...

Anna, I don't know what happened- Why it came up so many times. Leave it to me. Love, Mrs Janice

Anonymous said...

Anna dear, I'm so excited about what God is doing in the lives of each of the AE girls. I can't wait to have that long talk when you get home so I can hear all about it. Keep soaking up these precious weeks. Love you sister! Grace

Tammy said...

Hi Anna!
I know you posted a few days back, so I hope you get this. Please know that we are praying for you and we miss you! I pray that God's grace and peace will ABOUND to you for the remainder of your time there.
It seems in our brokenness, our weakness, our deficiency - HE SHINES! I wonder at all our efforts to be whole, strong and together. Praying we can all rest in Him and let Him shine through us.
Love you lots!
Tammy T.