Friday, February 13, 2009

Today started bright and early (or should I say dark and early?) with optional running/walking at Old City Park across the street from the DMC at 6:00 a.m. Our group was a little smaller this morning. Lack of sleep is really starting to hit everyone.

We had our last sessions with Mr. and Mrs. Davis today. They have really challenged us to search the Bible and prove that what we believe is actually scriptural. They have also stressed to us the importance of meditation. One thing they taught us today (which I thought was really neat) is that without Christ we are alone, but that Christ came to the cross to atone. As Mr. Davis said this, he put a line through the “l” in alone on the marker board, and changed it to a cross, making the word atone. He also told us that the word atone was originally “at one,” so that through Christ we are at one with God.

This afternoon we had another altering class with Miss Amy Elam. Clothes are beginning to change shape under her skillful instruction! When she let us out early everyone was excited because we got time to study. Tonight Grace, Lauren, and Chrissy sent us up to our rooms early from our team meeting so that we can squeeze in a little more study time and get to bed earlier. Our assignment deadlines (Monday and Tuesday) are approaching rapidly.

Tomorrow we get to start remodeling. We’re starting out with painting, but I am sure you will hear all about that later.

In Christ,

Lisa Dzimianski, for all the girls at AE

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