Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today was crazy! So much has happened. We had a speaker, Mr. Davis and his wife, come and talk about lies that we as Christians are force fed from a young age and have come to accept as truth. He definitely opened my eyes to some things I may have never thought of before. It was also great to get alone, afterwords, with God and pray to God for discernment and wisdom on everything he talked about. The Lord definitely revealed a lot to me. I am so excited because I am becoming way more aware of God's loving guidance and just how much He love and takes and interest in my life. God is so awesome!

Later on that night, after dinner, we each went back to our rooms to discover a note attached to our door, telling us to grab our money and purses and head downstairs. Everyone rushed about and scurried downstairs to a waiting van. We all piled in and drove to our surprise. A shopping trip! All us girls spent over an hour shopping and laughing our heads off. Oh! And God totally blessed me . . . everything I bought ended up half off! We got pictures and everyone piled once more into the van. We all thought we were going home. Wrong! We headed to Starbucks for a late night yummy, gooey, caramel frappe goodness. So fun!

The excitement didn't end there though. Once we got back we all headed to our rooms and started settling in for the night. Our window was open and my roomy and I glanced at each other confused as a LOUD alarm ring came from somewhere nearby and slowly grew louder. A few seconds later we were told to head to the basement. A tornado warning was in effect. We were in the basement no more than 20 minutes when we were told it was safe to return to our rooms. An hour later, we were once more back in the basement. We were only there for maybe thirty minutes and it was the last time we had to go downstairs. After that we all went back to our rooms to attempt to go to sleep.

All in all, it was a fun and crazy day. I am so excited about what God is doing and about what I'll learn in the next few weeks.
God bless y'all.

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