Thursday, February 19, 2009

Today, for me, was a rather slow day. Maybe it was because the sky was grey and gloomy that I didn’t really even want to get out of bed but I did. Bright and early at 5:35 to get ready for a morning run before team devotions. The run was enjoyable and did help me to wake up some. Later on in the day we had speech class with Grace Gallagher. We took a quiz…..I don’t like quizzes and then we each gave our speech on How God led us to Advanced Excel.

The speech had to be at least 5 minutes long and no longer than 7 and considering that we are being graded for everything in our speech including having points docked for being under or over I was nervous. But my speech ended up being 10 seconds short of seven minutes! I think I did okay though I am not that thrilled with my concluding statement. I am actually very excited about this class though because even though I do get semi nervous before each speech, once I actually get up there and start talking I love it.

We also had our interior decorating class with Kristin Young again. So once more we threw on our scrub worm attire and headed to room 317 to do some painting. I am excited that the room is FINALLY almost finished!! The walls are this beautiful, soft brownish tan. It almost reminds me of a cappuccino. It doesn’t take much to remind me of coffee though. Anyways so we spent most of the day painting and trying to finish up the room. I also got to experiment a little with Wall Magic. It weird how easy it is to make your walls look like they have depth and texture. I have already taken a ton of before pictures and am going to take a ton of after so maybe by chance we will l get some on here.

This week isn’t really even half over but so far it has been really good. God has been really honing in on key areas of our relationship and just taking me far deeper than I really ever thought I would go during my time at A.E. This past week really hasn’t been about dealing with past hurts or lies; it has just been falling in love with God. Realizing that I can take the small day to day things to him and that he really does care about them. I have noticed that as I have been finding myself falling more in love with God and deepening my belief in commitments that I made a long time ago Satan has been trying to stop this and I have begun to really feel his attack against me these last few days as I draw closer to Christ.

I would encourage anyone reading this to just pray for the girls here. As we surrender areas that we used to cling to over to Christ and start to take back the ground we have let Satan control for so long uproar seems to start. There is a battle going on every day, whether you are aware of it or not. The battle is simply this: Satan hates you because you belong to God, and as you strive to give your life to Jesus and you begin to discover the lies that you have been believing, Satan will try everything within his power to destroy you. Wherever you are weakest he will hit and if that doesn’t work he will keep going down the line until he finds what does.

So please pray for the girls here. We have all been discovering lies we have been believing and also realizing the truths that are and have been setting us free. But with that we are now all, at one point or another, going to face obstacles by the devil and doubts that we will have to overcome. So please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers!! Thank y'all in advance and may God bless you with peace and his unfailing joy.

+ Jamie +

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