Friday, February 20, 2009

I am so amazed at the incredible things God is doing in each of our lives. He is truly “busting boxes” wide open! Every Sunday night we have “sharing time”. It’s very rejuvenating to hear the progress of each girl from week to week. It’s also reassuring to see that God is changing and molding us.

As I was writing in my journal during my “date with God” today, I suddenly realized that I had been believing a lie about myself for quite some time. Our Scripture memorization for the last three weeks comes from John 15, where Jesus talks about abiding in him. God used the concept of me abiding in him to conquer that lie. It was very freeing!

In writing class today we learned of the wonderful gift writing is, and how our lives can live on through it and we can impact others even after we have passed. I am so excited and anxious to continue to discover more of God and what He has for my life in the next couple of weeks.

- Erika Walker

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