Saturday, February 23, 2008

Photo Update

A few images from our recent adventures...
Grace and Lauren prepping the bathroom for the interior design class Paige and Meridian Rachel Christy AE 16 dream team
Chrissy on the low ropes confidence course Team 1 with Major Farr
Team 2 with Mrs. Farr
Dana and Paige
Meredith and Katie Stress hike Lauren the Great Waiting for the organ concert at Park Cities Presbyterian Church to start A day out!


Feeny Family said...

YAY! I loved looking at the pics, AE 15 dream team.:-) You gals are in our prayers!
Much love,
Meagan (& Melissa)

Elisabeth K. said...

My dears! :) You all look so incredible! I can completely tell that you are really enjoying the many God adventures and that you are responding to Him every step of the way! Just wait...God has more in store! :) Much love to you all!

Elisabeth (AE 15)

Bailey said...

All the pictures are so cute!
Luv yah Lauren =)