Saturday, February 9, 2008

Week 3

We have had a good, busy week here at AE 16 so far. On Tuesday and Wednesday a lady named Kristen Spilker came and shared with us. She is short, spunky, and endeared herself to us all. We learned from her, in sessions and by example, about being a woman of influence, specifically in the political arena. She also shared on interior design. I enjoyed seeing other girls’ eyes light up as their interest in this subject was renewed. As we looked through design magazines, you could hear “oohs” and “aahs” from all over the room. We had so much fun starting our own file for ideas and finding pictures that perfectly expressed our individual styles.

On Thursday, Mandy Novotny taught us about computers and graphic design. We learned how to use different programs practically in everyday life and also how to have fun with them and create beautiful artwork. She covered so much information and we caught a vision of how to use modern technology with excellence to communicate our message of hope to the world.

For Friday and Saturday, Mandy will be leading us through Prizewinning Photography Lite. There will more than likely be some photos from our course posted here, so be sure to look next week for our favorites. It’s so much fun to learn from Mandy; she is obviously passionate and excited about what she shares.

God had been working in all our lives individually and corporately since we’ve been here in amazing ways. We’ve talked about how God perfectly planned each one of us to be here for specific reasons, and how every one of us is contributing something special to make AE 16 unique. On my part, I have been so blessed to learn from each of the girls here. Our different perspectives give the truths we discuss meaning and depth. Some things are so good, you know only God could have planned them.

One theme that seems to run through this class is brokenness. As each of us share our testimonies, we can all point to a recent time where God has been breaking us, that His power and glory might shine all the brighter through our weaknesses. It reminds me of a quote we have printed on our bulletin board: “God only creates out of nothing. It is only when a man becomes nothing that God can make anything out of him.” We are becoming nothing that God may be shown to be everything. It’s a beautiful process.

That’s a small view of our life here at AE 16. We are learning and growing and changing. God is good.

-Rachel May

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Bekah *Pooh* said...

Beautiful job, sweetheart. God is truly up to something good at AE this winter! May all of you continue to be awed as He weaves a beautiful web of His love through your daily discussions, studies and experiences.

Momma (Brenda)