Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The days keep going by faster and faster. We can all hardly believe we’re in the last third of our time here, but it’s true. We are still enjoying every moment of being here, but have also started anticipating going home and putting into practice all we’ve been learning.

Today was our “academic day”. We had two tests, one for writing and one for public speaking. Then we each gave a speech on what we learned about teamwork at our time in Big Sandy last weekend. I personally love just sitting and listening to the other girls’ hearts as they speak. We talk a lot, (of course!) but we don’t get to hear from each other for a whole undivided 10 minutes about what God has been showing us except for our weekly speeches. I love how we all open up and share the things that we may not talk about as naturally. But it’s all deep, good stuff about lessons learned and steps taken in our individual journeys. There are some amazing women here. I am so privileged to be a part of this group and this AE.

-Rachel May

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