Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wow! Advanced EXCEL 16 is in its last few days already! We have learned, cried, and laughed so much together that it would be impossible to tell it all. Even if I did it would never compare to being here and experiencing it yourself. It's hard to believe that things are coming to a close.

On Sunday we went to PCPC (Park Cities Presbyterian Church) for the last time, Monday was our last leftovers day and our last speech class. (Some of us were relieved about that part!) Although endings have always made me kinda sad, I look forward to graduation in July when we will be one big happy family again. I'm thankful that even after we leave here, through the friendships we made, the principles we learned, and the ways God revealed Himself to each of us will continue to grow roots into our lives and we will be better people for having come to Advanced EXCEL!

-Dana Trigger

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