Tuesday, April 10, 2007

God’s Mold for me

God has really been using my Discipleship lessons in order to “break” me. My most recent lesson covered the topic of worship. Before my class, I purposed to organize and to layout the lesson in a way that we could experience worship. Even though we all worked through a meditation activity and sang a truly worshipful song, the lesson felt somewhat “dead.” Maybe everyone was just tired, or perhaps my lesson plan was extremely monotonous. I couldn’t put my finger on it. When the lesson was over, I felt like a total failure. I began to believe the lies that Satan put into my mind: “I can’t really teach,” and “I don’t think that anyone is getting anything worthwhile out of these lessons; my classes are not doing any good!”

After the lesson, God told me that I needed to spend some time with Him. During my date with God, I told Him all of my frustrations and concerns. As I poured out my heart to Him, God reminded me that in order for Him to make me into something useful, He needed to break me. He needed to break me of my pride, my sinfulness, and my selfish thoughts. These discipleship lessons are just a part of God’s plan to mold me and to make me into what I ought to be. Even if no one else learned anything from the lesson, I certainly did. God taught me a great deal. He revealed to me that the purpose of these struggles is not to cause me to lose hope or to despair over my imperfectness. Instead, I need to realize that God wants to break me so that He can form me into the mold that He has picked out for me.

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