Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Promote His Kingdom

Hello from the Advanced EXCEL practicum! My time at home has been busy but full of lessons and blessings from God. Through each assignment, day, and week, the Lord has shown Himself to me in a richer and deeper way.

As I started my discipleship class teaching Spiritual Disciplines, God began to teach me and grow me spiritually. The Lord is using my discipleship classes with the girls at my church to grow me in my relationship with Him. It has been a joy to see His blessings overflow from each class that I teach.

In my first class that I taught, we learned that it is important to discipline ourselves for the purpose of Godliness. Searching God’s Word, each girl read right and wrong motives that they found. We learned that one wrong motive is promoting ourselves rather than God’s Kingdom.

The Lord showed me that I needed to improve in this area of my life. As I went to work during the week, God keep asking me, “ Is this action or service promoting My Kingdom or yourself? ” Each word I said and action I did was echoed by God’s question. I could not resist the Holy Spirit’s conviction, and so I committed my works to promote His Kingdom. As I decided to promote the Lord, God granted me joy as I served in each situation. It was a joy of serving the Lord with my whole heart, motives and actions.

Each one of my discipleship classes opened up areas of learning that God had before me. Therefore, I anticipate my future classes, as I look forward to see what else God will have for me to learn. I encourage you to see if your thoughts, what you say, and what do ultimately promote God’s Kingdom or yourself. You might be surprised at what you find.

In Christ,

Melissa Feeny

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