Thursday, March 29, 2007

Greetings from Sunny Florida!

Life never holds still does it? The past week went by
so quickly but it is a relief that it is over.
Yesterday we turned in our second set of assignments
and today we celebrate!

Our leaders informed us when we left Dallas that each
of us would have a different home experience. Boy,
were they right! This week I learned that family comes
first even when I am stressing over incomplete
assignments. My parents left me in charge for two days
when they went out of town for my Dad’s surgery. My
siblings and I had fun but remembering to feed 7
people can be difficult. No one starved, we all
survived, and my Dad is recovering well.

On Tuesday, I held my first discipleship group. Four
girls arrived and we studied purposes for being
discip;lined and how to study our Bibles. I am not
sure how many girls will come next week. There may be
more or there may be less but I figure each one will
learn what lessons God has for them.

What lesson will you learn this week?

Emily Cook

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