Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah Kim

“O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth!

Who hast set thy glory above the heavens. (Psalms8:1)”

‘Photography is the documenting of the magnificent glory of God,’

says our IPS speaker, Sarah Danaher.

Sarah arrived today to teach us and share with us her love for photography.

Seeing the wonderful creation of God through the lens,

sharing His glory with all kinds of people,

sending a special message to this world…

Photography is so much more exciting than I ever thought.

After learning about the important tips of taking great pictures,

we went to the park to produce our own work of photography.

The green trees bravely standing in the midst of the cold weather,

the dim sunlight shining through the clouds,

the rough, brown texture of tree trunks running up and down…

God is truly, a magnificent artist.

The snow made everything more beautiful.

I never expected this much snow in Dallas, Texas but

God gave us girls a special present

to make us smile J

We finished two weeks of Advanced EXCEL

and we are set and ready for the next exciting week.

How time flies!

I marvel at God’s perfect, intricate, and amazing plans He had for this Advanced EXCEL.

Listening to the testimonies of how God led each one of us here,

I was filled with gratefulness.

God called us here together,

in unique ways, with different goals, and for diverse purposes.

He worked in each of our lives, at this point of life,

so that we can be here, right now, right this moment.

God led each of the leaders through

the difficult and startling paths of their lives

and brought them here right now, right this moment.

God equipped them so perfectly

so they can love, encourage and challenge us

with their testimonies and lives.

The God of the impossible,

the God Almighty,

the God that sees,

Intricately planned and guided each one of our lives

So that we would be here today,

as sisters in Christ,

learning more about Him,

and loving each other.

Thank you my Lord!

God knows where I am right now.

He knows where you are too.

Let us stop for a moment and remember His faithfulness.

Then walk today in total trust in the God who will never forsake us.

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Anonymous said...

Hello to all! I love checking your blogspot each week and reading about AE happenings and all that God is teaching you. :) I know this is merely the beginning of a deeper walk that you will have with our Savior. May you all have a wonderful, fabulous week in the LORD!! Let His love and light shine through you.... :)

In Christ, Melissa Feeny
John 3:30