Monday, March 8, 2010

Last week of Advanced EXCEL


Five weeks have gone by so fast.

We had to give our last speech on Monday, and it was about what God taught each of us through AE.

It was amazing to listen to how God led everyone here, but it was even more exciting to hear how God has worked in each one of our lives through the few weeks.

Phenomenal. Broken boxes. Challenging. Deep. Intense.

Unchangeable. Surprises. Friendship. Leadership. Vision. Super power.

So many words can describe my time here.

I was challenged to think outside my numerous boxes that I have been carrying for many years.

I had to face the deep fears and lies that were holding me back from flying.

For the first time in my life I asked God some questions about me and He answered me.

I discovered some signs of my unique super power in me.

God started a great work in me!

Excited. Scared. Happy and sad. Mommy. Daddy.

New life. Reality. Keep. Challenge. Friends. Prayer. Discipleship.

These are some words that are going through my mind as I think about going back home.

I feel the anxiety and fear that leads me to this question: Can I do well? What if I fall again? Am I going to be able to keep everything I learned here?

However, this connects me to the next thought. It is true that I am weak. I cannot do anything in my own strength, but God can work mightily through my weaknesses. All I need to do is abide in Him. Keep His Word. Trust in Him.

“For I know that thoughts that I think towards you, thoughts of peace and not of evil; to give you an expected end. (Jeremiah29:11)”

It is an indescribably amazing privilege to be a child of God, His beloved princess. I bask in the Truth that my life is in His loving hands.

Lord, thank you so much for the unforgettable five weeks here!

Sarah Kim

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