Friday, February 9, 2007

February 9, 2007- Pt. I

Nearly two weeks have passed as our little band of fourteen world-changers, here at Advanced EXCEL, delve deeper into our academic studies. The atmosphere is congenial, and the classes are inspiring and practical, though at times stressful. The girls make it fun and we laugh quite a lot as we grow closer and discover new quirks about each other.

Today Melisa McKim got into the nitty-gritty of accounting and business planning. Eileen has a vision for a wedding planning business and I’ve really caught on to it. The skills God has given me of PR and writing give me an opportunity to be a part of something fun and helpful. The opportunity to work with people, meet their needs, and let my creative juices run really appeals to me. I will be praying about it and we’ll see how God leads.

As the second week draws to a close, we have been extremely blessed by the fellowship with like-minded young women and teaching. I have shed many tears and prayed many prayers, but dawn has finally torn the cold clutches of darkness from my soul. My dreams and aspirations are within my grasp, at last; I have only to reach out and take them. God’s grace is truly sufficient for all our needs.

Living for Him,

Michelle Mann


Michelle, Melisa McKim, Eileen

Catherine & Meagan

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