Monday, February 26, 2007

February 26, 2007

AE is back from our team-building weekend at Big Sandy. We all enjoyed the break from indoor mental “stretching” this past weekend. As I walked outdoors, the breeze seems to blow through my mind and clear the build-up of pressure from last week’s assignments. The switch from mental activity to physical activity was good for all of us. The beautiful scenery of the campus soothed my eyes immensely.

However, the rest and rejuvenation wasn’t our sole purpose for the weekend. It was team-building. Our activities were all related in some way to teamwork, partnership, or trust. First, on Friday morning we loaded into canoes on the sparkling, clear lake and practiced the simple exercise of team-work paddling. This is where I learned my first important lesson. You see, my natural inclination as bowman was to prove my own ability so succeed in this position. However, my pride led to difficulties for me when my teammate was blindfolded and I was supposed to know how to direct her with understanding. Basically, it took longer for me to accomplish what others were accomplishing in a faster amount of time. True team building is focusing on your teammate vs. yourself.

That afternoon, the AE girls rappelled. The main focus of team-building in this activity was trust even in the midst of insecure circumstances. It was amazing to see that once the initial launch was taken, every future launch became easier and easier.

On Friday evening Becky Tanner invited us girls to her home for a Mary Kay party. We enjoyed her hospitality, her home décor, and her lavish generosity with make-up. I enjoyed the time of fellowship there.

The next morning, Saturday, dawned rainy and windy with the possibility of canceled plans for our low ropes obstacle course. However, God intervened and blessed us with fair weather. After a short testimony and introduction into the course by Major and Mrs. Farr, we soon headed right into it. Again, the same lessons as the canoe experience rang true here. A good teammate forgot about herself and instead focused on praising, exhorting, and encouraging her team mates onto success. I learned through it, just how much team-building I need to work on in my life.

The day passed quickly and before we knew it, we were on our way back to the DTC. We stopped at Chick-fil-a for dinner, where many of us splurged with milkshakes and ice cream.

Now it’s Monday. New assignments have been assigned, Sunday passed with blessings of resting weary muscles and quite times with the Lord. We even enjoyed a birthday celebration with and for Sarah Danaher last evening. We are now studying, hoping to make the most of our every minute because tomorrow… tomorrow we have public speaking. So, I guess I had better be going.

God bless you all,
Jessica Matlock

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