Monday, February 12, 2007

February 12, 2007

Well, Monday has arrived again; however this Monday is no ordinary Monday. Today starts teh first day of the 3rd week, which means that Advanced EXCEL's halfway mark is nearing in sight. Time flies when you are having fun.

Anyways, this morning started out with Pilates! We won't be recognized when we return. Our hard work & longsuffering will have paid off. Wisdom Search followed and we studied the Command of Christ #10- "Love Your Enemies." We had lots of discussion regarding this subject, most of which was encouraging. Breakfast was unique. It was leftover day, so whatever we had last week we saw again this morning.

Jennifer Smith covered the big topic of "Written Communication." Aside from the quiz, it was lots of fun! For our free writing, written in class, we had to stare at an orange construction cone which was in a sad state. While looking at it, we had to figure out what happened to it by making up a story. The true story was revealed once our free-writing was written. Let's just say the story was hillarious and it made us feel for the poor little cone.

This afternoon found us painting two rooms on the third floor. One word to discribe our project woul dhave to be "bonding," in a good way. :-) There is never a dull moment adn lots of memories have been made! Study time was very quiet, of course, with busy minds here at work. Dinner was fabulous! Chicken tenders, french fries, broccoli, salad, and other wonderful delights were on the menu. We are definately spoiled! The best of all, though, was the laughter shared by all of us during dinner. I don't think there is ever a dull moment around here! Laughter has been a blessing that will cary us through the rest of our time here. God is truly amazing!

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